BIANCHI | The industrial automation of bicycles

Known simply as BIANCHI, Fiv Bianchi S.p.a. is the world’s most prestigious and historic bicycle factory, founded in Milan in 1885 by Edoardo Bianchi.


Excellence and ‘workmanlike execution’ are the cornerstones of their production system and the reason why they contacted the professionals at ZM TECHNOLOGIES.

The collaboration with BIANCHI came about with the aim of modernising and expanding the laboratory (BIANCHI LAB) where the company carries out tests and inspections of the various components used for bicycles and of the bicycles themselves.


Based on this need, we devised and designed customised industrial automation software capable of

  • create 3D renderings of bicycle frames to develop a perfect model already at the design stage
  • develop a resin prototype of each bicycle model (Rapid Prototype Machine) to verify the characteristics before production starts
  • test all frames using specific machinery.