ZM Nesting

Software that allows the machining centre to optimise material utilisation while avoiding waste


The ZM NESTING software has been designed to allow the stone processing centre to use all the available raw material with as little waste as possible, saving time. The integrated nesting system allows the arrangement of shapes (previously grouped in cutting sequences) on the material slab automatically or manually. Il sistema di nesting integrato permette la disposizione delle sagome (precedentemente raggruppate in sequenze di taglio) sulla lastra di materiale in modo automatico o manuale.


Material optimisation

The intelligent shape arrangement system allows the cutting of the material slab to be arranged in order to avoid waste and even manage unused cuttings through automatic recovery.

Grouping of shapes

Management of shapes through groups established by the operator.

Pattern import

The drawing can be imported into the software in CSV, DXF and STEP formats.

Reducing working time

The algorithm that governs the software is able to study the CNC machine's tool path, choosing the fastest one.