ZM Lathe

Specific software for processing stone materials with the lathe


Software intended for CNC machining centres for machining stone materials with a lathe. ZM LATHE has 2D CAD and 3D CAD environments with functions for creating, modifying and transforming 2D and 3D geometric entities.

2D CAD modules

The two-dimensional environment has the following functionalities:

3D CAD modules

The three-dimensional environment has the following functionalities:

Machine simulation

Optional integrated graphical simulation environment that provides a virtual representation of the machine tool showing the movement of all axes, linear and rotary, in order to avoid problems on the machine during CNC program execution.

Workpiece simulation

Integrated graphical simulation environment of the results of all types of machining to check for possible collisions on both the blank and the finished model via toolpath and material removal.


The software supports a variety of tools: cylindrical, spherical, toroidal, conical, engraving cutters, drills/forks, bushings, polishing wheels, free-form, discs and horizontal discs. Each tool can be mounted on an angle gearbox.

Tool archive

Presence of a virtual environment for managing tools on the CNC machining centre via one or more tables that can be configured as required.