CAD-CAM Software

Dedicated to the stone processing industry


Specific for the stone processing sector

Software designed to execute technical drawings on the computer and convert them into tool paths for CNC machines intended for cutting, machining and 3D modelling of stone materials. The CAD-CAM software developed by ZM TECHNOLOGIES is compatible with the main operating systems.

Software specialised in the operation and management of every aspect of CNC machining centres for cutting stone materials such as marble, granite, ceramics and similar.

Software for the operation of CNC machining centres with 3- and 5-axis waterjet technology for the cutting of stone materials by means of a high-pressure water jet.

Software for the operation of CNC milling machines intended for the cutting of stone materials and for the realisation of more complex workings such as blocks, shower trays, arches, shower tray, capitals, columns, bas-reliefs and 3D realisations.

Specific software for the design, modelling and machining of flat surfaces such as kitchen and bathroom tops.

Software intended for CNC machining centres for processing stone materials with a lathe. ZM LATHE has 2D CAD and 3D CAD environments with functions for creating, editing and transforming 2D and 3D geometric entities.

The ZM NESTING software is designed to enable the machining centre for processing stone materials to use all available raw material with as little waste as possible, saving time.

Simple user interface

Compatibility with most CNC machines

Software customisation

Ease of use