Stone Laser 3D


The STONE LASER 3D software is designed to create digital models during on-site surveys/measurements and send them to the office or directly to the CNC machine. The CAD software integrated in the application allows any type of measurement to be checked, edited and completed, and converted into a DXF format file.


Accurate measurement of points and contours. The measurement can be converted into a DXF file.

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Drawing can be carried out using parametric forms or a CAD system.

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Creation of renderings of the parts on the plate, to be included as a PDF document to the automatically generated e-mail during the survey.


Ability to save, categorise and archive projects in a dynamic library.


The laser connected to the application allows instant measurement of any type of shape - straight, curved, simple or complex - and surface - horizontal, vertical or inclined.


The STONE LASER 3D app is available for Windows operating systems.